Avoiding Car Accidents At San Antonio Sporting Events

Sports fans in San Antonio, Texas, have no shortage of things to do during the fall and winter months. Whether you’re a basketball fan cheering the Spurs to another first place finish or a college football fan participating in the I-35 “Orange vs. Maroon Rivalry” between the Roadrunners and Bobcats, you have plenty of options if you enjoy watching games.

It’s not uncommon for tens of thousands of sports fans to come together to root for (or against) one of the area’s sports teams. While a little traffic before and after the game is to be expected in a city as busy as the Alamo City, chances are the last thing on your mind is being involved in a serious car accident on game day.

Car accident lawyers in San Antonio know that regardless of who you’re rooting for, a fun night at the Alamodome or AT&T Center can quickly turn into a nightmare as a result of another driver’s careless or negligent behavior. But car accidents happen every day in Texas and statistics have proven that car accidents occur more often on game day – specifically on Saturday and Sundays during the fall when college or pro football teams are playing – than any other day of the week. Because of this, car accident attorneys in San Antonio recommend the following tips for avoiding being involved in a serious crash:

Don’t drive drunk. Yes, it’s okay to have one or two beers at the game. But if you have more than a couple drinks and you have the keys in your hand, think twice before driving. Designate a sober driver before the game. Call a sober friend for a ride. Take a VIA bus. The dangers of drunk driving are well-documented in Texas, where law enforcement officials are on high alert at all sporting events. After all, the last thing you probably want on Monday morning is to be in court for a DUI charge or know that you caused serious injuries to a fellow sports fan.


Park nearby. It’s tempting to park at a stadium. However, it’s seldom the most convenient option. While stadium parking may offer a level of convenience, it’s often expensive and leaving the game can become extraordinarily difficult due to other vehicles and pedestrians entering the parking lot or garage at once. Parking nearby not only may save you enough money to buy a new Spurs jersey after the game, but may reduce the risk of rear-end or pedestrian accidents.

Stay alert. Remember, traffic laws exist for a reason – especially in a city as busy as San Antonio. Be mindful of stop signs, traffic lights, and crosswalks where pedestrians are given a signal to safely cross the road. Keep your distance from other vehicles. While you may know that you’re driving defensively and following the rules of the road, it’s always best to stay alert and prepared – just in case another driver isn’t.

Be patient. When tens of thousands of people are arriving or leaving the same stadium at the same time, expect at least a little traffic. Drive safely and responsibly. Don’t cut in front of other drivers or pedestrians. Don’t tailgate on your way to the tailgate party. Getting to the game a few minutes late or missing the opening tip-off is perfectly fine – especially when the alternative option involves having a car accident lawsuit in San Antonio on your hands.


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